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Subtle Ombre Brows

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This is a 4 Day hands-on Certification class created to teach you the latest in brow trends. The Subtle Ombre Brows are achieved by starting off with a lighter ink colour and gradually adding a darker tint. This technique allows you to create a very natural looking brow. You will also learn different ways in shading to achieve the following looks: Soft, Dusk and Shady Ombre Brows. All supplies and kit included. Students must be accompanied by 3 models.

Course Details

4 Days


Hygiene, Health and Safety
Equipment and Products
How to dilute pigments for different effects

Use of combination strokes and Ombre effects
Implant into correct area of the skin


No experience or previous qualifications necessary

**Step by Step Manual Included with Every Kit**


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Terms and Conditions for Courses

Deposit and Payment for Courses
The Lash Academy Canada may request a deposit from you in order to hold a spot for you in one of its courses. A deposit that you have made for a course is included in the cost of the course and it is not refundable.  The Lash Academy Canada must receive your payment for the remaining balance of the cost of the course two weeks in advance of the course start date.
Refunds, Exchange of Products
The Lash Academy may provide products to you for use during the course. The Lash Academy Canada does not exchange or refund any products that are provided for use during a course.
The Lash Academy Canada will not cover costs incurred by students for extra products or items the student purchases to use during a course, or otherwise.
Re-Scheduled Courses
Should your course be canceled as a result of unforeseen circumstances, for example, due to weather,  force majeure instructor illness etc, The Lash Academy Canada will reschedule the course. If you do not attend the rescheduled course, The Lash Academy Canada will not provide a refund, or otherwise, compensate you. Rescheduled courses cannot be transferred to another student/person.
Lash Academy Canada is not responsible for arranging [travel/hotel] accommodations for students.  

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